VP of Cloud Services Job Responsibilities:

The Cloud Services VP handles the daily tasks of maintaining cloud storage offerings. For a company hosting its own cloud storage operations, ensuring proper security measures are taken is a vital task, as is maintaining and expanding storage capability and speed while working with the IT department.

VP of Cloud Services Experience Needed:

When hiring a VP of Cloud Services, some of the qualifications you need to look for include:

  • Experience with cloud servers
  • Electrical engineering degree strong desired
  • IT experience
  • Internet coding knowledge highly desirable
  • Understanding of tech trends
  • Internet security and threat trend knowledge
  • Analytics and planning skills

VP of Cloud Services Salary:

Salary for the VP of Cloud Services depends on the company and the size of the required cloud services. The larger the company, the larger the salary requirements. On the low end, entry level VP of Cloud Services may make around $100,000 annually for a smaller company, increasing to over $208,000 for a larger company (with more tenure).


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