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Analytics are one of the most important aspects of online marketing. Without detailed statistics for the results of your advertising, SEO and SEM, you’ll be throwing into a black hole and hoping for results. Many successful companies have invested in analytics support of all sorts, and one of the most effective techniques is to hire consultation for one of the most reputable analytics programs on the market, Webtrends.

What exactly is Webtrends?

The company was a pioneer in digital analytics and has been around since 1993. Its main purpose is to monitor the ways in which companies reach their customers. In order to do this, they analyze current web traffic and advertising efforts. They will then use a variety of tools in order to optimize those efforts for the purpose of increasing conversion rates on a website. The company also has certain tools that are highly useful for a business like visitor segmentation, proprietary social advertising methods and even email remarketing campaigns.

What is a Webtrends consultant?

The company has become quite comprehensive in its methods of analytics and optimization. Using the tools that are provided is a full-time job. In order to fully use all the tools that the product provides, it’s sometimes necessary to hire on an outside consultant with a specialty in the program. They’ll be able to most effectively monitor the methods that are being used by your company and tweak those using the tools that Webtrends innovated. A consultant for the program is basically an interpreter as well. The precision oriented program often uses lingo that’s not commonplace and a consultant will be able to simplify the methods by which analytics are being performed .

Does my business need to hire this person full-time or part-time to fully benefit from the expertise of the individual?

A full-time consultant may be necessary if a business is growing or if a company has recently received new investment. Other than that, a part-time consultant will likely do the job. However, every business owner should conduct his or her own analysis of the situation. Depending on the results that are brought by new optimization once a business has come to scale, it will either be able to afford a full-time specialist or a part-time specialist. These numbers can be fully quantified, so each business should do its own internal research into the question before committing to one or the other as a solution.


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