The Latest Perspective on Marketing Attribution [Infographic]

by Mondo on May 11, 2015
Marketing Attribution

“Over 63% of marketers track audiences by device type, yet 40% report that mobile is one of the greatest challenges in digital attribution.” -AdRoll

By now you’ve heard the term marketing attribution floating around – but what does it mean? Simply put,  it’s the ability to determine what media are driving purchases. Attribution assigns a dollar amount to the specific touchpoints that a customer took before converting into a sale. Was it a TV ad, social media, a blog post, an online ad, an email? Likely, there were several media points that were a part of a single customer conversion.

The key to successful attribution is flexibility. Customers are likely to touch numerous facets of your business before making a purchase, so assigning proper credit to each source of influence can be challenging. This infographic from AdRoll shares the latest perspective on attribution from 1,000 marketers.

Where does your company fit in – have you been able to implement a successful attribution process?


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