READ 718: Help Brooklyn’s Young Readers Today!

by Mondo on May 8, 2015
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Did You Know: 

75% of Brooklyn’s low-income 3-8 graders are reading below grade level, according to the 2014 English Language Arts test results.  70% of students entering high school are not proficient in reading. READ 718 is here to help change that, one READer at a time, but they need your help.

Nonprofit READ 718 provides individualized reading instruction and literacy mentorship to Brooklyn’s low-income children in grades 3-8 who are reading below grade level.

Mondo urges you to get involved and support READ 718 with a donation. Change begins with one person deciding the status quo is no longer acceptable. Let’s join together and make that change today!

Learn more about donating at READ 718 and see all the cool things they have going on! Young readers need your help!


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