Featured in The Denver Post: Mondo’s Denver Tech Jobs Salary Info

by Shannon Vize on April 20, 2016

Mondo was recently featured in The Denver Post in an article highlighting the tech recruiting firm’s insider knowledge on salary info for Denver tech jobs. Although Silicon Valley still ranks as the highest paying area for tech workers, Denver is quickly catching up by offering competitive salaries.

It pays to work in IT as tech jobs have seen salaries increase between 2 to 8 percent nationwide in the past year, with Android and iOS Developers making anywhere from $126,000 to $171,000 in Denver. The article quoted Jessica Stoner, Mondo’s recruitment lead in Denver, as saying, “In my experience, I’ve never worked with an Android developer that made less than six figures.”

More and more tech specialists looking for employment are heading to Denver thanks to the competitive salary ranges the area has consistently been offering.

According to info gathered by Mondo, the top salaries for Denver tech jobs are the following:

  • CIO/CTO: $175,000-$260,000
  • Chief Data Officer: $138,000-$187,000
  • Chief Security Officer: $130,000-$184,000
  • UX/UI Designer: $108,000-$173,000
  • Director, PMO $121,000-$172,000
  • IOS Developer: $127,000-$172,000
  • Application Architect: $128,000-$172,000
  • Android Developer: $126,000-$171,000

For a more in-depth look at the continuously evolving, national IT salary info, download Mondo’s 2016 IT Salary Guide and make sure your company is offering competitive salaries to net the best tech workers available.


Shannon Vize

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