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Business today operates at the speed of light, which makes marketing automation more important than ever. If you’re not using automation whenever possible, you risk falling behind with communication when your competition is consistently inching ahead.

What exactly is marketing automation? 

Let’s start by defining automation. Automation is the completion of a task without human input. It can be used to great effect when there are rote, repeat actions to be completed that do not require any creativity, like an auto assembly line. Automation within your marketing program is the automatic completion of certain repeat tasks in your marketing flow like sending emails to long lists of individuals, posting on message boards, sending intro communications on social media networks and so forth.

Automation is done using any and all resources that can save the time of human interaction with machines. Most of the time, automation is accomplished through proprietary software programs on high speed hardware, although this isn’t the only way that automation can be done.

This kind of automation is helpful to businesses in all industries because time consuming tasks can be reduced to tasks that consume virtually no time. The people in the business will be free to take on creative work within the company while the rote work is being completed by the automation process.

What is a marketing automation consultant?

An automation consultant will aid you in the following:

  • Work with marketing automation tools to create efficiencies
  • Find tasks that can be automated
  • Set up the structure to automate those tasks
  • Ensure the smooth operation of the new systems
  • Suggest new goals for employee time 

An automation specialist is part coder and programmer, part marketing guru and part public relations manager. After all, if an automated message that is sent to a 10,000 person email list is full of misspelled words, it certainly won’t help your business.

New systems of automation now allow for personalization even within the automation structure. This means that you can place the geographic location and localized tidbits in emails to each individual on a long email list, making it look as though every note was hand crafted.

Should you hire a marketing automation consultant full-time or part-time?

The calculation of time saved can be represented quantitatively in most cases. Once you have this number in general, you will be able to determine very clearly if hiring a full-time or a part-time automation consultant will benefit your business’ revenue.


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