Web Developer Job Responsibilities

Web Developers have very specific job responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Creating and editing content for Internet publication
  • Designing website layout
  • Updating the website
  • Looking into and solving coding problems
  • Creating backup documentation of everything placed and obtained off of the Internet
  • Assessing and creating specific technical requirements to run everything on the website

Web Developer Experience Needed

When looking to hire Web Developers, it is necessary to find one with at least a Bachelor’s degree. Beyond this, some additional experience you should look into includes:

  • General understanding of website design
  • Multimedia design and experience with Adobe Creative Suite
  • Ability to lightly edit video and audio content
  • Experience with animation platforms
  • Understanding of SEO for usage within the content produced for the website
  • Ability to edit different image formats

Web Developer Salary

The average salary for Web Developers is $64,900. This does depend on the location of the job, the size of the company, and the amount of experience required for the position.


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