VMWare Engineer Job Responsibilities:

The responsibilities of a VP of Infrastructure can vary slightly from company to company, but most positions are required to:

  • Work alongside the CIO and VP of Business Applications (as well as other tech professionals) to run enterprise elements while assisting in the implementation of tech infrastructure strategy.
  • Project management
  • Developing tech and engineering management requirements for the organization while working with the existing staff on top of hiring new employees to work within the company’s tech infrastructure
  • Creating and setting infrastructure standards and implementing tech architecture as well as IT operations throughout the company
  • Capable of providing round the clock leadership within the company’s IT infrastructure as tech issues can develop at any time of the day or night

VMWare Engineer Experience Needed:

A VMWare Engineer does a lot more than just create virtualization for your business. They are responsible for making every day a bit easier through the use of technology and VMWare. The experience you should look for in a candidate includes:

  • Effective communication and proven results in previous positions
  • Experience in IT or a related field, preferred experience with network security
  • Knowledge and experience using VMWare
  • Analytical and problem solving skills
  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in a related field such as IT, not required but highly suggested as a requirement

VMWare Engineer Salary:

You can learn more about the average salary of a VMWare Engineer by viewing our IT Salary Guide for more information.


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