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Why Hire Visual Designers

There are always going to be individuals who are better at analysis and crunching numbers while others who will be better at creating visually pleasing content. Some individuals are right brain oriented while others are left brain. It is important to hire Visual Designers as these individuals are able to create quality, innovative content for mobile and desktop based Web services.

Visual Designer Job Responsibilities

Visual Designers have a host of job responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Using graphic software to produce visual treatments and help implement these visuals into a responsive design system
  • Working along with front-end developers to ensure the content works with HTML, CSS and other design languages
  • Creating branding that works for both mobile, desktop and even print design
  • Producing the specific brand look and feel across the board

Visual Designer Experience Needed

A Visual Designer generally has a Bachelor’s degree or higher in graphic design, advertise design, animation computer animated design or a similar degree platform. Some other experience requirements of Visual Designers include:

  • Ability to work with a large number or design programs, including Adobe Creative Suite
  • Produce content in a variety of file formats to fit needs of different teams
  • Ability to work odd hours and on a short turn around


Visual Designer Salary

The average salary for visual designers is $73,600, based on several location and tenure factors.


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