Hire Virtual Reality Engineers


Why Hire Virtual Reality Engineers

A company needs to hire Virtual Reality Engineers when they want to build or improve their virtual reality platform or offerings. A Virtual Reality Engineer is responsible for the vast majority of the coding, testing, and troubleshooting that goes into creating a Virtual Reality Environment.

Virtual Reality Engineer Responsibilities

A Virtual Reality Engineer is expected to:

  • Be familiar with programming languages such as C++
  • Work closely with Project Managers, Software Engineers, and other IT Team members
  • Test and troubleshoot a virtual reality platform or program
  • Suggest improvements to a virtual reality program or platform and execute those changes

Virtual Reality Engineer Experience Needed

Generally, a typical candidate for this position should have:

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Design or Programming. In rare cases, job experience can substitute for a degree
  • Extensive familiarity with virtual reality platforms and programming
  • A minimum of one year experience. Education can substitute for this experience  

Virtual Reality Engineer Salary

Virtual Reality Engineers are relatively new positions, and therefore the data collected on their average salary is highly dependent on local labor markets. However, typical salaries average around $70,000 annually. A benefits package that includes health care and a retirement plan is expected. Profit sharing and bonuses are typically offered to experienced employees in this role.

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