Hire UX/UI Developers


Why Hire UX/UI Developers

A company needs to hire UX/UI Developers when they need to create or upgrade a customer portal of their website, application, or software program.  A good UX/UI Specialist should be very familiar with multiple programming languages and software programs.  In particular, a UX/UI Designer will work to create new interfaces and programs that help to improve a user’s experience.

UX/UI Developer Responsibilities

A UX/UI Developer is expected to:

  • Develop the user interface and other functions on websites, software, and applications
  • Work closely with Project Managers, fellow coders, and other staff
  • Be very familiar with UX and UI language; familiarity with JavaScript and Google Closure is often desired

UX/UI Developer Experience Needed

Generally, a typical candidate for this position should have:

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Design or Programming. In many cases, job experience and/or certifications in UX/UI Design is acceptable
  • Extensive familiarity with programs and languages such as XHTML, AJAX, and C#NET
  • A minimum of three years of experience.  
  • A strong portfolio of previous work

UX/UI Developer Salary

The average salary for a UX/UI Developer can vary based on experience and the location of the company. Typically, however, compensation averages around $90,000 a year.

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