Systems Administrator Job Responsibilities:

There are several job points to consider when hiring such a position. Some of the responsibilities of the professional includes:

  • Maintain the local-area network (LAN) within the facility
  • Configure and install new workstations around the office
  • Create user accounts for new hires
  • Install, maintain and update system-wide software
  • Implement mass storage space, either through local storage or cloud based storage (or both)
  • Protect the network to avoid the spread of viruses
  • Work directly with CIO/CTO in determining best software/hardware requirements for the office.

Systems Administrator Experience Needed:

When hiring a new Systems Administrator, there are a few hiring points you want to look into. This includes:

  • Advanced degree in computer science
  • Understanding of current and next generation computer technology
  • Self starter and self motivated
  • Skills with Microsoft Office

Systems Administrator Salary:

In general, the average Systems Administrator makes just over $59,000. This average does increase to around $84,000 based on location and size of the company.


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