Hire Systems Administrators

Hire Systems Administrators

Why Hire Systems Administrators:

Are you looking to hire Systems Administrators? If so, you need to understand what the profession requires, what to look for in hiring the professionals and what to go about paying the new hires. A small business may not require a Systems Administrator, or it can be combined with other positions. For larger positions though, this job generally works directly under the Chief Technology Officer (or the Chief Information Officer).

Systems Administrator Job Responsibilities:

There are several job points to consider when hiring such a position. Some of the responsibilities of the professional includes:

  • Maintain the local-area network (LAN) within the facility
  • Configure and install new workstations around the office
  • Create user accounts for new hires
  • Install, maintain and update system-wide software
  • Implement mass storage space, either through local storage or cloud based storage (or both)
  • Protect the network to avoid the spread of viruses
  • Work directly with CIO/CTO in determining best software/hardware requirements for the office.

Systems Administrator Experience Needed:

When hiring a new Systems Administrator, there are a few hiring points you want to look into. This includes:

  • Advanced degree in computer science
  • Understanding of current and next generation computer technology
  • Self starter and self motivated
  • Skills with Microsoft Office

Systems Administrator Salary:

In general, the average Systems Administrator makes just over $59,000. This average does increase to around $84,000 based on location and size of the company.

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