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Why Hire Studio Artists

When your company decides to hire Studio Artists, it’s looking for true artists whose primary medium is paint and canvas. A Studio Artist will rarely work with technology, but his or her work can be transferred to digital mediums. A Studio Artist can work with practically any subject, and many choose to work for a variety of different clients during their careers.

Studio Artist Job Responsibilities

A Studio Artist’s job responsibilities include the following:

  • Usually able to work with a single medium, such as paint and canvas or clay sculpture; digital artwork is typically not within their field
  • Capable of producing work on practically any subject
  • Able to make changes quickly
  • Able to meet deadlines

Studio Artist Experience Needed

A typical candidate for these positions should have:

  • Some type of formal art education, but many candidates are self-taught
  • Work experience is usually dependent on the company and project they are working on
  • The ability to coordinate with different staff members

Studio Artist Salary

Salaries for Studio Artists vary greatly. While many studio artists make less than $50,000 a year, it’s important to note that most artists are independent contractors. Pay per project can vary greatly depending on the artist’s availability, skill, and the time required for the work.

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