Hire Software Architects


Why Hire Software Architects

Building software from the ground up is hard work, yet it can connect you with your customers at a faster rate. It also allows you to properly develop a software that tracks your orders, backlog, shipments and anything else you need to stay on top of. As this is not something you are able to do without extensive experience, it points to why it is important to hire Software Architects.

Software Architect Job Responsibilities

Software Architects have an extended selection of job responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Making sure software architecture synchs with company network and other programs
  • Giving and receiving input as needed
  • Defining the program and how it will improve the business
  • Working with employees to make sure everyone is using the new software properly

Software Architect Experience Needed

A Software Architect typically has at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Business, Analytics or a similar field. A Master’s Degree is desirable. Other experience includes:

  • Around 10 years of work experience
  • Ability to work with both Windows and Mac operating systems
  • Ability to implement new programs quickly
  • Experience working with others and instructing them both in a group and individual setting on how to use the software

Software Architect Salary

The average salary for a Software Architect is $95,000 annually, although this depends on years of experience (those with over 10 years have an average salary of $109,000).

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