Hire SEO/SEM Analysts


Why Hire SEO/SEM Analysts

Understanding the world of search engines, how to market on them, and how to boost search rankings can prove especially helpful to any business. Through the combination of marketing and pushing up search results, websites have the ability to increase exposure and obtain more leads than ever before. However, this is a rather complicated and continually evolving ideology, so having someone devoted specifically to this is crucial which is why it is necessary to hire SEO/SEM Analysts.

SEO/SEM Analyst Job Responsibilities

An SEO/SEM Analyst has very specific job responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Keyword research based on client business and use to optimize current business practice
  • Sharing knowledge with marketing and sales staff, so they can implement the same keywords with their own services
  • Supporting marketing content with the search engine information in addition to helping the social media manager
  • Link building
  • Monitoring and staying on top of current SEO and social media trends

SEO/SEM Analyst Experience Needed

An individual who works as an SEO/SEM Analyst generally has at least a Bachelor’s degree in marketing, analytics, computer science or a similar field. Other desirable experience includes:

  • Extended knowledge and experience working with SEO and SEM
  • Ability to use Microsoft Office
  • Some knowledge and experiencing using keyword tools
  • Skill with some Internet CMS building tools

SEO/SEM Analyst Salary

The average salary is $42,000 annually.

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