If your business relies on programs and applications developed through SAP, you’ll need to hire SAP Developers. Your SAP developer creates and modifies programs using Advanced Business Application Programming (ABAP), which is SAP’s own programming language. Also, some SAP projects are written using programs like Java and Visual Basic. SAP developers should understand business requirements and maintain a standard where the implemented code conforms to them. To ensure that implemented code meets specifications for interfaces, SAP developers often collaborate with data consultants to write code. Your SAP developer should understand mobile workflows, product architecture, data change notification and push, database administration, and troubleshooting.

SAP Developer Experience Needed:

Your SAP developer should possess a Bachelor or Master of Science degree in computer science, business administration, business engineering, or another pertinent field. Industry-specific knowledge in such areas as business or finance will be an asset in your SAP developer. SAP certifications are a plus, but they are no substitute for experience. These certifications carry more weight as a professional climbs the ladder of success and the certification criterion become harder to meet. Advancement for your SAP developer should require business, communication, and project management skills.

SAP Developer Salary:

Salaries for SAP developers in North America are well above average. See our IT Salary Guide for more information.


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