QA Manager Job Responsibilities:

In order to hire the best QA Managers, it is necessary to understand what these individuals do on a daily basis. Some of the job duties of a QA Manager include:

  • Provide quality assurance for human resources and stay on top of recruiting and orienting new employees into maintaining the quality of the product
  • Contribute information to design and production teams in order to correct potential problems.
  • Meets QA financial objectives
  • Develops new quality assurance plans for all areas of the company
  • Monitors and inspects quality control throughout the company.

QA Manager Experience Needed:

When looking for the right QA Manager, there are different manager skills and qualifications to keep in mind. Some of these are:

  • Ability to analyze information
  • Strategic planning
  • Bachelor’s Degree (if not higher) in business administration, human resources or a similar platform
  • Extreme attention to detail

QA Manager Salary:

The average QA Manager salary is around $71,900. This can dip down to $42,800 and increase to around $113,750, depending on longevity and business.


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