Hire QA Managers

hire QA managers

Why Hire QA Managers:

In order to make sure the quality of a product or service is up to par with where it should be, it is necessary to hire QA Managers. These professionals are able to assist in the daily operations of the office while keeping the products up to the high standard customers expect.

QA Manager Job Responsibilities:

In order to hire the best QA Managers, it is necessary to understand what these individuals do on a daily basis. Some of the job duties of a QA Manager include:

  • Provide quality assurance for human resources and stay on top of recruiting and orienting new employees into maintaining the quality of the product
  • Contribute information to design and production teams in order to correct potential problems.
  • Meets QA financial objectives
  • Develops new quality assurance plans for all areas of the company
  • Monitors and inspects quality control throughout the company.

QA Manager Experience Needed:

When looking for the right QA Manager, there are different manager skills and qualifications to keep in mind. Some of these are:

  • Ability to analyze information
  • Strategic planning
  • Bachelor’s Degree (if not higher) in business administration, human resources or a similar platform
  • Extreme attention to detail

QA Manager Salary:

The average QA Manager salary is around $71,900. This can dip down to $42,800 and increase to around $113,750, depending on longevity and business.

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