Proofreader Job Responsibilities

Proofreaders are expected to:

  • Read, understand, and interpret the written material produced by web content writers, technical writers, and other content producers
  • Find and correct technical, factual, and grammatical errors in many different types of written material
  • Simplify language for a wide range of consumer groups

Proofreader Experience Needed

Generally, a typical candidate for this position should have:

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree in Writing, English, or Editing
  • Two to five years of experience with proofreading and editing; a Master’s degree may substitute for work experience

Proofreader Salary

The average salary for a Proofreader is highly dependent upon the size of the company and the magnitude of work. In general, however, the average compensation per year is $47,000. Benefits typically include health insurance and access to a company-sponsored retirement plan.


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