Product Manager Job Responsibilities

A Product Manager has a host of job responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Managing a team working on product development and production from initial concept to final product
  • Identifying market requirements for not only current products but upcoming products
  • Working with the marketing department to determine the best way to market a product
  • Looking over partner relationships to determine what works best for the current company

Product Manager Experience Needed

A quality Product Manager is going to have at least three years experience in the marketing product management field and they will have at least a Bachelor’s Degree in Product Management, Business Management, Product Design or a similar field. Some other experience to look for includes:

  • Extensive knowledge on design software, including Adobe Creative Suite and CAD programming
  • Demonstrated strong work ethic since an entire team depends on the work and guidance of this individual
  • Ability to travel to customer and non-customer facilities in order to determine response to product and make adjustments when necessary

Product Manager Salary

The average salary for a Product Manager is $108,000 annually.


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