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Why Hire Presentation Specialists

After content, presentation is really what sells a product or idea. No matter how great the information is, if the presentation isn’t up to par, potential customers will pass on the product or service. This is true for everything, from selling a home to selling paper. That is why it is important to hire Presentation Specialists. These individuals can take the content and design material and boost the way clients and customers interact with the information provided.

Presentation Specialist Job Responsibilities

Presentation Specialists have several different key job responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • Designing product presentations used not only by the Presentation Specialist but by executives and departments heads for investor events, all while using necessary company branding
  • Crafting original graphic content for all outlets of the company
  • Working with third party clients to understand what they are looking for in their desired products and services
  • Providing marketing material to necessary departments within the company

Presentation Specialist Experience Needed

A Presentation Specialist often holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Design, Marketing, Digital Media, or a similar field. Other experience you should look for in Presentation Specialists include:

  • At least two years working in a design capacity
  • Exceptional presentation skills
  • Skill with Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite
  • Understanding of image file formats, resolution, and how it works online

Presentation Specialist Salary

The average salary for Presentation Specialists is $57,400 annually.

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