Presentation Specialist Job Responsibilities

Presentation Specialists have several different key job responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • Designing product presentations used not only by the Presentation Specialist but by executives and departments heads for investor events, all while using necessary company branding
  • Crafting original graphic content for all outlets of the company
  • Working with third party clients to understand what they are looking for in their desired products and services
  • Providing marketing material to necessary departments within the company

Presentation Specialist Experience Needed

A Presentation Specialist often holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Design, Marketing, Digital Media, or a similar field. Other experience you should look for in Presentation Specialists include:

  • At least two years working in a design capacity
  • Exceptional presentation skills
  • Skill with Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite
  • Understanding of image file formats, resolution, and how it works online

Presentation Specialist Salary

The average salary for Presentation Specialists is $57,400 annually.


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