Hire Network Managers

hire network managers

Why Hire Network Managers:

Looking to hire Network Managers? Then it’s important to understand the responsibilities of the role. As computer systems are designed, installed, and administered in your company, your Network Manager is the one who oversees this entire process and then, monitors the network performance and performs preventative maintenance.

Network Manager Job Responsibilities:

Network Managers are responsible for installing and maintaining network upgrades. They do the network troubleshooting and are responsible for user access to the network. They formulate and bring to fruition a back-up/recovery plan for network disasters. Your Network Manager is vital to maintaining a secure network with the capacity to satisfy the needs of your company.

Network Manager Experience Needed:  

Your Network Manager should have experience working as a Network Engineer, Senior IT Support Technician, or a closely related position. Network Managers should be earning a Level 3 or Level 4 diploma in an ICT specialty through education or on-the-job-training. Certification training in Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA, or Novell is always an asset for Network Managers.

They should be decision makers with great communication skills. Because Network Managers often take on the role of heading up different projects, good leadership qualities are a definite asset. Your Network Manager should be a skilled negotiator, adept at working within a budget.    

Network Manager Salary:

Experience is the greatest factor affecting Network Manager’s salaries. See our IT Salary Guide for more information.

Looking to hire a Network Manager?

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