Network Engineer Job Responsibilities:

There are so many different responsibilities associated with this job title. After all, there are around a dozen different kinds of networks. So, when keeping this in mind, when hiring a Network Engineer it is important to highlight the following responsibilities:

  • Extended experience within the company’s network (which can include LAN, MAN, SAN, VoIP and all sorts of other network services)
  • Establishing and maintaining the network to work with the needs of the company
  • Maximize network efficiency
  • Secure network systems
  • Upgrading data network equipment
  • Configuring all routing and switching hardware within the building
  • Configure hosted IP services (when required)
  • Working directly with customers over phone and email when setting up equipment

Network Engineer Experience Needed:

When looking for the right candidate, it is necessary to make sure they fit the following criteria:

  • Bachelor’s degree (or higher) in computer science, network security, electrical engineering, computer systems or a similar degree.
  • Knowledge on the latest computer networking trends
  • Communication skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Exceptional organization skills

Network Engineer Salary:

The pay is usually going to sit around $75,000 on average for someone in the early stages of their career.


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