Hire Network Architects

hire Network Architects

Why Hire Network Architects:

Companies look to hire Network Architects when they need someone to design the configuration and implementation of a new computer network.

Network Architect Job Responsibilities:

In addition to designing and implementing a new computer network, Network Architects are also tasked with developing the expansion plans for an increasing computer network. In some companies, Network Architects may also take over the duties of a Network Engineer and actually implement the plans. Network Architects can also be responsible for design modeling, network capacity planning, and establishing telecommunications standards.

Network Architect Experience Needed:

Careers in Network Architecture generally require a Bachelor’s degree in information technology or a similar field.  In many cases, however, relevant experience and/or certification classes can be substituted for a degree. A few companies prefer to see a Master’s degree in a specific field, such as Information Security, but this is not a requirement for most entry-level positions in the field. Many employers looking to hire for this position place a strong emphasis on work experience and professional knowledge.

Network Architect Salary:

Due to the high demand for Network Architects, salaries in this field tend to be very high. Median salaries average about $100,000. Network Architects with highly specialized experience and skills, however, can earn a lot more.

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