Hire .NET Developers

Hire .NET Developers

Why Hire .NET Developers:

Often, when a company looks to hire .NET Developers, they have a specific project that needs individuals who are familiar with programming in the .NET Framework. While this framework includes a number of computer languages, all programs and apps written for the .NET Framework run in the same software program. Therefore, a .NET Developer should be familiar with at least one of the programming languages that can be used in this platform, but also very familiar with the framework itself.

.NET Developer Job Responsibilities:

.Net Developer’s job responsibilities vary, but most roles include the following:

  • Research software-related technologies and products
  • Develop and write coding
  • Design, develop, test, and deploy desktop, web, and mobile apps
  • Identify and solve coding issues or problems in software and tech

.NET Developer Experience Needed:

While it is possible to find a .NET Developer who is self-taught, most candidates for these positions have completed a certification class. This course is completed outside of a traditional Bachelor’s degree. Because of this, having a Bachelor’s degree is rarely a requirement for these jobs. Successful candidates should be able to show a strong background in .NET development, either through previous work experience or a formal certification.

.NET Developer Salary:

Salaries for .NET Developers can vary greatly by location, but salaries tend to range between $45,000 for new programmers with no work experience to $92,000 for .NET Developers with ample experience.  It should be noted, however, that this job is typically seen as a start to a career that would eventually lead to program management.

Looking for a .NET Developer?

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