Mongo DBA Job Responsibilities

A Mongo DBA, which stands for Database Administrator, is an individual who has the technical skills to develop and maintain document oriented databases on the MongoDB platform. A Mongo DBA will be able to manage your MongoDB database and fix any errors with the set up. Any time there is an issue, they will be able to effectively handle it and keep the database safe. They can assist with the organization within the system as well so it can become more useful to the business.

Mongo DBA Experience Needed

Mongo DBAs will have extensive hands-on experience with the Mongo system and have knowledge of how the system works. They can become certified as a Mongo DBA through the MongoDB developer, but it is not required to work in the field. You may also find that some Mongo DBAs have a college degree in the area of study.

Mongo DBA Salary

How much are Mongo DBA’s paid? You can learn more about the average salary by viewing our IT Salary Guide for more information.


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