Hire Mobile Application Designers


Why Hire Mobile Application Designers

With more than half of all Internet searches now being performed on mobile devices, a number that continues to grow, it makes more and more sense to have a strong mobile presence, which includes mobile application design. Due to this, it is necessary to hire Mobile Application Designers.

Mobile Application Designer Job Responsibilities

Mobile Application Designers have very specific job responsibilities: These responsibilities include:

  • Creating, developing and launching interactive programming for mobile devices
  • Offering leadership for the mobile application design team
  • Working with testers, designers, and researchers to edit and make adjustments to application when necessary
  • Staying on top of the latest changes in mobile application design and monitor emerging mobile devices, such as smart watches, to see if the company can utilize an application on the device

Mobile Application Designers Experience Needed

A Mobile Application Designer typically has an educational background of at least a Bachelor’s degree in computer design, Web design, graphic design or a similar field. Other desirable experience includes:

  • Ability to work with a large number of design platforms, including Adobe Creative Suite
  • Design applications for both Apple iOS and Android devices
  • Showcase high quality designs (portfolio desirable)
  • Understanding of both Apple and Google interface

Mobile Application Designers Salary

The average salary for a Mobile Application Designer is $95,000, depending on job location and the size of the company.

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