Hire Mobile App Developers


Why Hire Mobile App Developers

More Internet searches are now performed on mobile devices than over traditional desktop computer systems. This is split between mobile browsers and specific applications. If your company does not have a designed application made for mobile hardware like smartphones and tablets you are missing out. This is why you need to hire Mobile App Developers.

Mobile App Developer Job Responsibilities

Mobile App Developers have a rather specific job responsibilities. These job responsibilities include:

  • Creating mobile applications
  • Ability to produce applications for both Apple iOS and Android
  • Understanding of social media interface and ability to connect applications with social media

Mobile App Developer Experience Needed

When looking for the best Mobile App Developers, it is desirable to find someone with at least a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, mobile development or another, similar field. A Master’s degree for upper level application development positions is desirable. Other experience you should look out for includes:

  • Experience with search engine optimization
  • Ability to work with other groups within the company, ranging from marketing to within the IT department
  • Customer service
  • Capable of listening to feedback and criticism in order to make necessary edits.

Mobile App Developer Salary

The average salary for Mobile App Developers, depending on the location of the position, the size of the company, and the required work experience, is around $92,600 annually.

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