Media Planner Job Responsibilities:

The Media Planner/Analyst collaborates with both the accounting department and marketing to create a digital media plan. This includes digital video, social media promotion, digital audio, mobile advertisement and other digital marketing trends. From coming up with the right apps to advertise on to developing a podcast to help increase company outreach, the Media Planner/Analyst covers all things digital.

Beyond development, analytics is a major element in the position. These professionals continually analyze marketing trends, SEO improvement methods, tactical keywords and a variety of other aspects, all designed to boosting traffic and improving digital marketing response.

Media Planner/Analyst Experience Needed:

Nearly all possible candidates bring a slightly different resume in terms of degree (ranging from majors in advertising to digital media design). Typical experience required includes:

  • Internet coding experience
  • SEO skills
  • Understanding of tech insights and trends
  • Understanding of mobile marketing insights.and trends

Media Planner Salary:

The average Digital Media Planner/Analyst has a national average of $50,000 annually. A current position at The New York Times pays $64,000 annually while MediaCom Worldwide pays $47,000 for a digital media planner.


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