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Why Hire Marketing Coordinators

Marketing has taken a major shift since the creation of the Internet. No longer is it the creation of a general idea, publishing it in the right magazine and waiting months for results to come in. Now it is an everyday evolution that requires professionals who know what they are doing to stay on top of the situation. That is exactly why it is important to hire Marketing Coordinators.

Marketing Coordinator Job Responsibilities

A Marketing Coordinator has a host of job responsibilities. Some of these job responsibilities include:

  • Setting up advertising campaigns to work on a variety of platforms, ranging from traditional outlets to social media, search engines, and other Internet based sites.
  • Working with sales, accounting and other departments in order to best understand what the advertising campaigns need to incorporate.
  • Assisting sales staff with targeting key demographics while obtaining information from sales to see what marketing campaigns are proving most beneficial

Marketing Coordinator Experienced Needed

Most Marketing Coordinators hold at least a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business Analytics or a similar field. A Master’s degree is desired. Other forms of experience to seek out include:

  • Strong Microsoft Office skills
  • Ability to work on a tight deadline
  • Understanding of SEO

Marketing Coordinator Salary

The average salary for a marketing coordinator is $40,500, depending on their level of experience.

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