Marketing Automation Specialist Job Responsibilities

Marketing Automation Specialists are expected to:

  • Group and define the company’s current and target consumers using existing databases  
  • Work in a team with other Marketing professionals in order to create and develop ad campaigns
  • Use multiple media platforms to execute marketing campaigns
  • Analyze data in order to determine the effectiveness of ad campaigns and suggest changes when necessary

Marketing Automation Specialist Experience Needed

While required experience tends to vary based on the company, a typical candidate should have:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Marketing or similar field
  • Two to five years of experience working in a Marketing environment
  • Ability to coordinate with other team members to complete projects

Marketing Automation Specialist Salary

Salary for a Marketing Automation Specialist can vary greatly based on experience and size of the marketing campaigns. Salaries tend to fall between $35,215 and $72,403. A small bonus tied to the effectiveness of the campaigns is also a typical part of the compensation package.


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