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hire a MarCom Specialist

Why Hire MarCom Specialists

A company needs to hire MarCom Specialists in order to facilitate good communication in their marketing campaigns. MarCom or Marketing Communication Specialists are able to write the brochures, client briefs, and other materials that are needed to attract new clients to a business and resell or upgrade the products already sold to existing clients.

MarCom Specialist Job Responsibilities

MarCom Specialists are expected to:

  • Understand all aspects of a company’s product line, including technical specifications  
  • Work in a team with other Marketing professionals in order to create and develop ad campaigns
  • Use multiple written and spoken media platforms to execute marketing campaigns
  • Have excellent writing skills

MarCom Specialist Experience Needed

While required experience tends to vary based on the company, a typical candidate should have:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, English, or Technical Writing
  • Less than five years of experience working in a Marketing environment; these positions are good entry-level jobs
  • Ability to coordinate with other team members to complete projects

MarCom Specialist Salary

Salary for a MarCom Specialist can vary greatly based on the size of the marketing campaigns they are expected to work on. Additionally, many MarCom Specialists that are experts in niche fields can command very high salaries. Because of this, salaries tend to be around $80,000 on average, but there is a wide range of compensation.

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