LAMP Job Responsibilities:

While the specific programs have changed somewhat from their original stack, today a LAMP Guru is expected to be able to diagnose and fix problems with existing web sites, as well as develop new ones. LAMP Gurus typically work with security issues and developing new platforms and apps for websites.

LAMP Guru Experience Needed:

While some LAMP Gurus have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Programming or website design, it’s not at all uncommon to find strong job candidates who are self-taught or who have ample work experience. Often, the ability to diagnose and fix issues with a website is more highly valued than a formal education or certification program. Because of this, the most successful candidates for many positions will have a wide range of experience, working on many different projects and applications.

LAMP Guru Salary:

Many LAMP Gurus are hired as contractors for short term projects, making it difficult to determine an average annual salary. Pay seems to be in line with other highly-trained computer programmers, however.


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