Javascript Ninja Job Responsibilities

Javascript Ninjas hold a series of job responsibilities. Some of these job responsibilities include:

  • Designing both mobile and desktop applications for consumer use
  • Working within the design department and sales team in order to determine the best utilization of the application development
  • Ability to understand the latest coding shifts and SEO implementations in order to alter applications to increase exposure rankings

Javascript Ninja Experience Needed

A Javascript Ninja will hold a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, computer design, or one of the several other computer-based IT development fields. Some of the desirable experience for Javascript Ninjas includes:

  • Extensive understanding of HTML 5, CSS and JQuery
  • Ability to use Adobe Creative Suite
  • Experience with real time Web technologies and the ability to implement changing trends
  • Understanding of the latest Internet trends
  • Able to work on project, often unsupervised and finish by the time a deadline hits
  • Experience with UI effect performance optimization

Javascript Ninja Salary

The average salary of a Javascript ninja varies based on location, education, the size of the company and tenure. Most small businesses do not need to fill this position, so typically it is a larger corporation seeking such a professional. These individuals make around $100,000 on average


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