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Why Hire Java Developers

Java is used throughout the Internet and is one of the most powerful portable language tools around. For a company to thrive both on desktop applications and over mobile devices, it is necessary to hire Java Developers who have a skilled understanding of how to work within the coding language and how to utilize current technology to best develop updates for the company’s online presence.

Java Developer Job Responsibilities

Java Developers have many different job responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Converting application storyboards to a functioning, digital medium
  • Building, maintaining, and designing Java code
  • Locating bugs and bottlenecks within the Java coding and being able to correct issues in a timely manor
  • Maintaining and improving code quality

Java Developer Experience Needed

Java Developers typically have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, Web design or a similar degree program. An Associate’s degree is acceptable when the individual has worked within the industry as a Java developer for the last three or more years. Additional experience needed includes:

  • Knowledge of Java ecosystem
  • Familiar with MVC, JDVC, and RESTful
  • Understanding of popular Web application frameworks
  • Ability to write Java libraries
  • Able to produce clean Java coding that is easily read by other Java coders

Java Developer Salary

The average salary for Java Developers is $69,000. This can vary between $47,000 and $118,000 based on location, the size of the company, and length of time the professional has worked in the position.

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