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iOS Developer

Why Hire iOS Developers

For any organization or business that wants to have a mobile presence, it is necessary to hire iOS Developers. An iOS Developer is someone who is going to produce mobile applications for Apple based devices, including the iPhone and iPad. It often is necessary to bring in a different developer for both Android and iOS (or someone who knows both) so this is a valuable position.

iOS Developer Job Responsibilities

There are different tasks an iOS Developer is going to be forced to do. Many of these job requirements include:

  • Understanding of the iOS Framework
  • Able to update patches and fixes quickly
  • Intimate understanding of Apple devices
  • Write, debug and test mobile programming before releasing it.
  • Write code for iOS interface applications

iOS Developer Experience Needed

When going out to hire an iOS Developer, it is necessary to have an understanding what to look for and how much they might expect in terms of pay. Some of the position requirements to consider include:

  • Experience working with iOS
  • Bachelor’s Degree (if not an MS Degree) in computer science.
  • Understanding of Objective-C and Cocoa Touch
  • Experience with third party libraries, applications and APIs

iOS Developer Salary

When it comes to paying an iOS Developer, the average pay sits at $78,861 for the year. The pay range can go anywhere from $50,183 (generally for a small company) to upwards of around $130,000 annually.


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