Hire Information Architects


Why Hire Information Architects

Knowing the kind of information to utilize throughout every aspect of a business is vital in a company’s success. It can improve lead production, bring about new clients and highlight what needs to be highlighted while downplaying what is less important to a key demographic. Understanding this information is far more difficult than it seems, which is why it is necessary to hire Information Architects.

Information Architect Job Responsibilities

Information Architects have a host of different job responsibilities. Some of these responsibilities include:

  • Analyzing information coming in from all areas of the business, ranging from marketing to social media and print advertising, in order to determine the best information for usage within the company
  • Translating user behavior into information to be used
  • Sharing information with other departments, including marketing
  • Using information to update job postings so the company can go after the right individual for the available position

Information Architect Experience Needed

An Information Architect typically has a Master’s degree in business analytics, business administration, computer science or a similar field. Having a Bachelor’s degree is fine, as long as it comes with extensive on the job experience. Some additional experience includes:

  • Working with Microsoft Suite
  • Utilizing analytical services, including Google Analytics
  • Ability to work with large groups of people
  • Self-motivated and excellent problem solver.

Information Architect Salary

The average salary for an Information Architect is $88,000

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