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Why Hire Infographic Designers

Displaying information as easily identifiable and yet intriguing as possible is important. Simplifying information in a way anyone can understand it is a necessary opportunity for business owners. It helps drive a point across while providing a bit of entertainment at the same time. Having such a professional on staff can really help with raising awareness of a product while boosting sales, which is exactly why it is important to hire Infographic Designers.

Infographic Designer Job Responsibilities

Infographic Designers have a specific list of job responsibilities. These responsibilities are:

  • Combining graphics and statistics into an easy to read and understand infographic
  • Researching statistics and analyzing data to best associate the information in the graphic
  • Working with the marketing team and other professionals to create the best infographics

Infographic Designer Experience Needed

When hiring Infographic Designers, it is generally desirable to hire someone with a Bachelor’s Degree in Design or similar degree background. Other points of experience to keep in mind include:

  • Skills with Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign)
  • Typographical skills, including the creation of new fonts
  • Analytical understanding
  • Previous experience working in a design agency or studio
  • Familiar with motion graphics is a plus for integrating movable infographics into a marketing approach

Infographic Designer Salary

The average salary for an Infographic Designer, depending on the size of the company and the location, varies from $47,500 to $65,500.

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