Hire HTML5 Developers

hire HTML5 Developers

Why Hire HTML5 Developers:

Having a strong Internet presence is important for any company, which is why it is necessary to hire HTML5 Developers. These professional are able to assist with many different services within the company. However, before a company goes out and decides to hire HTML5 Developers, they need to know a few things first.

HTML5 Developer Job Responsibilities:

There are many different job responsibilities and duties assigned to HTML5 Developers. Some of these job responsibilities include:

  • Developing new user features
  • Building in reusable code
  • Product quality control within the UI/UX designs
  • Working with other team members throughout the IT department
  • Website coding maintenance and enhancements

HTML5 Developer Experience Needed:

There are several skill sets a company needs to know about and look for when hiring such a professional. These skill sets include:

  • Proficiency and capability of understanding all of the latest coding in both HTML5 and also CSS3
  • Knowledge of the server-side element of CSS processing
  • Understanding of Web standards
  • Bachelor’s in a computer science (or similar degree)
  • Strong SEO principles to help boost website appearance and ranking on search engines
  • Understanding and experience with JavaScript programming

HTML5 Developer Salary:

When hiring a new professional, it is important to understand what they expect in way of pay. For a new HTML5 Developer, this is going to sit right around $65,000 on average. However, the salary varies based on where the company is located and the services rendered.

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