Hire a Help Desk

Hire a Help Desk

Why Hire a Help Desk:

Having a business that is focused in IT requires you to have some sort of support for troubleshooting. In the help desk area, there are several levels of support. When you are looking to hire a Help Desk (L1-L3), you should know what your current needs are so you can determine the right level of support needed.

Help Desk Job Responsibilities:

A Help Desk is set up to provide IT support that an individual cannot figure out on their own. Level 1 is basic support such as password resets, helping with basic configurations, and more. If they cannot handle the basic assistance, they can escalate it to L2 or L3. L2 is generally used for laptop and desktop computer support. L3 is generally for more difficult issues. These may be with overall configurations, troubleshooting, and more. If you do hire a help desk, it is best to have someone for all three levels to handle the workload properly.

Help Desk Experience Needed:

A Help Desk will have extensive knowledge of computers as well as various systems. They may or may not have a degree in the field, but they will have experience in the Help Desk job.

Help Desk Salary:

How much is a Help Desk (L1-L3) paid? You can learn more about the average salary by viewing our IT Salary Guide for more information.

Looking to hire a Help Desk?

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