Flex Developer Job Responsibilities

Flex Developers have a host of very specific job responsibilities. These job responsibilities include:

  • Working with Adobe Flash and other Adobe Systems in order to create a supported application for mobile devices and desktops
  • Maintaining current Adobe Flash programming and updating whenever necessary
  • Working with a group of other professionals inside of the IT department
  • Working with sales and marketing to help create the necessary information database

Flex Developer Experience Needed

When looking for Flex Developers, these professionals should hold at least a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Design or Computer Science, although a Master’s degree is always preferred. Some other experience needed includes:

  • Ability to use Adobe Creative Suite
  • Insights into website coding, including HTML and CSS
  • Excellent presentation skills
  • Ability to work with both Android and iOS devices

Flex Developer Salary

The average salary for Flex Developers is $67,000, although this depends on location and the size of the company.


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