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hire a digital strategist

Why Hire Digital Strategists

Coming up with the right strategy to properly take advantage of current digital trends, from mobile devices to local services, can help take any company and boost sales while bringing in more leads than ever before. When you hire Digital Strategists, they are able to perform these requirements.

Digital Strategist Job Responsibilities

A Digital Strategist holds many different job responsibilities. These responsibilities include:

  • Producing detailed research into individual clients and the performance of a company, clients and the competition
  • Looking through the competition and understanding how to implement favorable marketing strategies to exceed that of other companies
  • Performing Web based audits to map out global brand’s footprint
  • Supporting lead marketing strategist and marketing department

Digital Strategist Experience Needed

A qualified professional will have at least a Bachelor’s degree in computer science, statistics or a similar field. They also need to have at least three years of experience with the strategic marketing position. Some other desirable forms of experience include:

  • Experience working in international markets
  • Understanding of marketing principles
  • Comprehension of SEO, Google AdWords, Analytics and social platforms
  • Understanding of website design, search engines and social media tools.

Digital Strategist Salary

A Digital Strategist has an average salary of around $70,000 when just starting out. Professionals with over a decade of experience push the median income to $88,000. The average salary ranges based on location, length of experience, and the size of the company.

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