Hire Digital Project Managers


Why Hire Digital Project Managers

Modern business is almost all digital. It doesn’t matter what your company is or what kind of service you provide, almost every company relies on a digital presence. Whether digital marketing, producing social media content or striving for more leads, a digital platform is a must, which is why it is necessary to hire Digital Project Managers.

Digital Project Manager Job Responsibilities

A Digital Project Manager has a wide range of job responsibilities. Some of these job responsibilities include:

  • Working with many departments to develop a digital plan across many levels
  • Maintaining a strict schedule and making sure different departments stick to the schedule
  • Analyze incoming information using Google Analytics and other platforms in order to evolve current projects
  • Maintaining a strong social media presence (when working in smaller businesses as larger businesses have a separate position for this)

Digital Project Manager Experience Needed

A Digital Project Manager should ideally have a Master’s degree in management, business, business analytics or a similar field. A Bachelor’s degree can work with extended experience. Other kinds of experience needed includes:

  • Presentation skills
  • Knowledge on SEO
  • Familiar with HTML and CSS
  • Strong content writing and editing skills

Digital Project Manager Salary

The average salary for a Digital Project Manager is $63,000, although this varies on location and the size of the company.

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