DevOps Analyst Job Responsibilities:

These computer professionals work towards getting companies to develop and release software on schedule. A DevOps Analyst is able to coordinate activities and communication between these two different teams, software developers and IT personnel, in order to facilitate meeting release schedule goals.

DevOps Analyst Experience Needed:

Because a DevOps Analyst is required to work with so many different parts of a software production team, they are expected to have some experience working in or with every IT department. Successful candidates will be very familiar with programming languages, software testing, pre-deployment staging, and applications monitoring. Of course, it’s important to note that the exact qualifications will vary greatly based on the company and the type of product being produced.

DevOps Analyst Salary:

Because of the high level of experience and expertise required of these positions, pay for DevOps Analysts tends to be high. Expect $70,000 on the low end, with many DevOps Analysts making between $150,000 and $170,000.  Large companies will also pay their analysts a bonus based on performance. In cases where this is directly linked to product sales or company performance, salaries can easily reach over a million dollars a year.


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