Hire Data Architects


Why Hire Data Architects?

Your data architect occupies an increasingly important role. Data architects are responsible for the design, structure, and maintenance of data, usually organized in a relational database. Your data architect collaborates with the business and other IT organizations to plan data strategy. Data architects produce all project data architecture deliverables and communicate plans, statuses, and issues to higher management. They create and maintain a corporate repository of all data architecture artifacts, and they create data architecture strategies for each subject area of the enterprise data model.

Data Architects Experience Needed:

Your data architect should be an expert at defining data structures. Data architects should be able to envision how a logical design can transition into a physical database, and also, how the data can be best manipulated so as to result in the greatest functionality of the finished product. For your data architect, communication and presentation skills are crucial. Data architects must be good team players. They should be meticulous and curious. Your data architect should possess a Bachelor of Science degree in computer science or a closely related field.

Data Architect Salary:

The salaries for data architects vary with experience, and from company to company. See our IT Salary Guide for more information.

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