Copy Editor Job Responsibilities

A Copy Editor has a specific set of job responsibilities. These responsibilities include:

  • Checking to make sure all published content is free of errors
  • Checking names, organizations, places and dates to ensure spelling and correctness
  • Often writing headlines and subheads to attract most attention and boost SEO
  • Having a keen eye for details and ability to work on a tight schedule

Copy Editor Experience Needed

Typically, when hiring Copy Editors you want a professional who has a Bachelor’s Degree in English, Journalism or a similar field. Other forms of experience you want to look for in your Copy Editors include:

  • Strong understanding of publication software, including Microsoft Office
  • Familiar with Adobe Suite programs, especially InDesign
  • Experience in a professional capacity for an online or print publication

Copy Editor Salary

The average salary for Copy Editors is $62,800.


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