Content Producer Job Responsibilities

Content Producers hold a handful of different job responsibilities. Some of these job responsibilities include (but are not always limited to):

  • Creating content designed to drive in traffic to a website, whether it is through a blog or social media
  • Determining what topics Copywriters and the video production team will work on based on the analytics of strong performing data
  • Working on a team to bring content production from idea to the final development stages

Content Producer Experienced Needed

Content Producers generally have a Bachelor’s Degree in Management, Computer Science or Business Analytics. These individuals also hold more experience than a typical Copywriter or Editor. Additional experience includes:

  • Understanding of SEO
  • Ability to read and comprehend analytical information
  • Strong eye for detail

Content Producer Salary

The average salary for Content Producers is $53,000, although this does depend on the location and the size of the company.


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