Brand Manager Job Responsibilities:

The Brand/Product Manager has a specific set of tasks. These tasks include:

  • Working under yet with marketing managers and Chief Marketing Officers (depending on the office)
  • Ensure current product lines connect with target market
  • Find new target markets should consumer desire shift
  • Monitor marketing trends (digital, social media and traditional methods)
  • Initiate marketing campaigns, work on market events
  • Boost market growth

Brand/Product Manager Experience Needed:

Before hiring the right professional, you need to make sure they fit your particular needs. Some of the Brand/Product Manager skill sets you should seek out include:
  • Knowledge on CRM software
  • Grasp concepts quickly (regarding current and future product lines)
  • Creative thinker
  • Innovative in marketing approaches
  • Exceptional analytical skills
  • Bachelor's degree in advertising, market, consumer behavior or market analytics is desirable, yet not specifically required

Brand/Product Manager Salary:

  • The average annual salary for the position is $72,000, while top Brand/Product Managers can make upwards of $126,000 annually.


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