Hire Big Data Analysts

hire big data analyst

Why Hire Big Data Analysts

When your company decides to hire Big Data Analysts, it’s looking for business analysts that are capable of incorporating the information that has been gathered from multiple sources. Big data is often a combination of thousands of different databases that are tracking millions of consumers. A Big Data Analyst is able to use this data to provide useful information to their employer.

Big Data Analyst Job Responsibilities

Big Data Analysts are expected to do the following:

  • Be able to use existing software to create new algorithms to analyze large quantities of data
  • Determine what data is useful for meeting company goals
  • Be able to meet project deadlines
  • Capable of coordinating with multiple departments and clients to determine needs and solve problems

Big Data Analyst Experience Needed

A typical candidate for these positions should have:

  • A Bachelor’s degree in Business Analytics or a similar field
  • Work experience with large quantities of data from multiple sources
  • The ability to coordinate with different staff members
  • Familiarity with the functions and goals of different aspects of the company

Big Data Analyst Salary

Salaries for Big Data Analysts are dependent on the size of the company and experience. At large companies, Big Data Analysts can expect to earn between $83,500 and $119,000.

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