Hire Azure Developers


Why Hire Azure Developers

When your company decides to hire Azure Developers, they’re employing individuals that can effectively use the tools available in Microsoft’s Azure service to create and improve your company’s web applications. These cloud-based programs are becoming an essential part of many businesses.

Azure Developer Job Responsibilities

Azure Developers are responsible for:

  • Effectively utilizing Microsoft’s Azure Development Tools to create new applications
  • Identifying ways in which new applications can improve the customer experience
  • Documenting new designs and updates to existing programs
  • Working with other departments in order to meet company goals

Azure Developer Experience Needed

Exact qualifications for an Azure Developer can vary. Typical candidates, however, will have:

  • At least a Bachelor’s degree Computer Science or a similar field
  • Ability to work with diverse members of an application production team, as well as other company staff
  • At least one year of experience with Microsoft Azure. This experience can include a portfolio of work that was completed during a formal education

Azure Developer Salary

The average salary range for an Azure Developers is heavily dependent on the size and location of the company. Salaries tend to start around $90,000 but increase significantly for developers with specific skill sets or experience.

Looking to Hire an Azure Developer?

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