Hire Augmented Reality Consultants

hire augmented reality consultants

Why Hire Augmented Reality Consultants:

Knowing when it’s time for your company to hire Augmented Reality Consultants can be tricky. These consultants are able to advise start-ups and established companies on technology and software that provides information or otherwise improves the way users experience the world around them. Popular applications include wearable technology and smartphone apps that provide information about the world simply by recognizing the user’s location.

Augmented Reality Consultant Job Responsibilities:

In terms of job responsibilities, Augmented Reality Consultants are responsible for assisting companies in both creating and using the growing technology, which includes a variety of tech-specific duties like testing software, writing code, and identifying any issues or problems for users.

Augmented Reality Consultant Experience Needed:

Because this is a relatively new field of work, qualifications for these positions are highly dependent on the needs of the company that is hiring. Typically, a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Technology, Programming, or a similar field is required.  In many cases, however, it is possible to substitute work experience for educational requirements. Many companies prefer candidates with experience in programming and utilizing this technology.

Augmented Reality Consultant Salary:

Consultants who only advise on the uses of this technology are at the lower end of the pay scale. Consultants who are able to assist with programming new augmented reality applications tend to be paid a similar amount as highly skilled computer programmers.

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